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SAD privremeno raspoređuju raketni sistem THAAD u Rumuniji Razmeštanje THAAD u Rumuniji biće prvo postavljanje ovog sistema u Evropi / Foto: US Army

SAD privremeno raspoređuju raketni sistem THAAD u Rumuniji

Evropska komanda Oružanih snaga SAD (USEUCOM) saopštila je 11. aprila da će u Rumuniji biti razmešten mobilni raketni sistem THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) kako se ne bi prekinulo stalno dežurstvo u odbrani od mogućeg napada balističkim raketama, pošto će postojeći protivraketni sistem Aegis Ashore koji je postavljen u bazi Deveselu, morati proći ranije planirane radove održavanja i nadogradnje. Biće to prvo stacioniranje sistema THAAD u Evropi, dogodiće se na leto i trebalo bi da traje nekoliko nedelja.

Kako se dalje navodi u saopštenju, nadogradnja sistema Aegis Ashore, koji je u Rumuniji operativan od 2016. godine, neće obuhvatiti nikakve ofanzivne elemente i neće promeniti svoju strogu odbrambenu namenu. Jedinica koja će biti raspoređena u Rumuniji je 69. atiljerijska brigada protivvazudhoplovne odbrane, 32. armijske komande vazdušne i raketne odbrane čija je baza Fort Hood u Teksasu. Komandu nad sistemom THAAD imaće Saveznička vazduhoplovna komanda NATO.

Sistem Aegis Ashore u bazi Deveselu je deo EPAA – European Phased Adaptive Approach koji je osmišljen za odbranu američkih i drugih savezničkih snaga u Evropi od mogućih napada balističkim raketama. EPAA koji je konačno definisan 2009. godine, sastoji se od dva sistema Aegis Ashore, po jednog u Rumuniji i Poljskoj kao i radara AN/TPY-2 koji se nalazi u Turskoj. Postavljanje sistema Aegis Ashore u Poljskoj prate odlaganja zbog problema sa infrastrukturom u vojnoj bazi Redzikowo a očekuje se da će biti operativan sledeće godine.

Predstojeća nadogradnja sistema Aegis Ashore je, prema saopštenju USEUCOM deo redovne dorade svih sistema ovog tipa od kojih se većina nalazi na brodovima a THAAD će u Rumuniji ostati privremeno dok se ne završe modifikacije i unapređenje Aegisa. Sistem THAAD je, van SAD stalno razmešten samo na Guamu gde se nalazi od 2013. godine a od 2017. prisutan je i u Južnoj Koreji. Početkom marta ove godine privremeno je baziran i u Izraelu radi uvežbavanja protivraketne odbrane sa izraelskom protivvazduhoplovnom odbranom.

THAAD je mobilni odbrambeni protivraketni sistem koji je definisan još 1987. godine koji je uveden u naoružanje 2008. godine a čiji razvoj traje i danas. Osnovna namena mu je obaranje balističkih raketa malog i srednjeg dometa kao i raketa koje imaju domet između srednjeg i velikog (3000-5500 km). Maksimalni efikasni domet je 200 km po daljini i 150 km po visini a maksimalna brzina rakete je 8,24 maha. Deo sistema je i AESA radar AN/TPY-2 koji se može koristiti i kao podrška sistemima Aegis i Patriot. Osnovu baterije sistema čini 6 lansera sa po 8 raketa, osmatrački i radar za upravljanje vatrom. Jedini strani korisnik su Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati a sistem je prodat i Saudijskoj Arabiji kojoj bi THAAD trebao biti isporučen u periodu od 2023-2026.

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To su mogli da urade odma a ne prvo da postave lansere koji mogu da lansiraju tomahavke


šta onda plaču kada im u Venecueli postave s-300


Baš tako…
Ne radi drugom ono što ne želiš da rade tebi…


With all respect, you can not compare the situation of Ro and Venezuela. Ro is a NATO member and joining this aliance has had a large population support. The romanians wanted their country to join NATO. It was a free choice of a free nation.
The Soviet union is no longer, so you have to cope with it. It would be very hard to tell the polish and romanians that their freedom could be vetoed by others, especially by the ussr. So, the presence of the allied forces in Ro, including this THAAD system, is legitimate and it has full population support.
I believe you and we should respect each others sensibilities. You have yours and we have ours. Our grandfathers waited for the americans to come in the 40’s and finished in the communist’s prisons. We can not forget that.



Brother, You must find better translation software. Google translate is pure evil! :)
What Eureka said is: „Why are they (Americans) crying when Venecuela deploys S-300 then“? Nobody implicated that Romanians should ask somebody for permission, ok? – But then- Why should Venecuela need USA permission to deploy its AA systems on Venezuela territory? American officials constantly claim that it is because it’s so close to USA (That’s not so true, Portoriko is like 1000km from Venezuela, but never mind that now), and also that any Russian solider or military official should leave Venezuela (because proximity to USA?). You are bordering Russia- that’s what „Eureka“ is telling.

Another thing- You know that ex-Yugo was never in firm grip of USSR- like Romania or Poland was? People here totally understand concept of political and military independence, so You don’t have to explain anything with „grandfathers“. We also comprehend Greece and Romania as friendly nations aldo both countries are NATO members- you know this, right? BUT-we do not trust NATO, as organisation.

Why?- well most people here thinks that all military blocks are the same, and that they are service only to block itself, not for member nations in particular. For example, can You tell for sure that Romania has full operational control over this strategic system and that its people are fully aware about it’s presence, risks and capabilities?

And strategic system it is. In case of some confrontation of giants- USA is going to use it to shoot down Russian missiles with it, and Russians are going to target it (maby even with preventive nuclear strikes). You say that USSR is no more- I agree. And if that is true- Why is this necessity? Who is asking Romanian people are they want to be strategic target? Or better- Who is asking Serbian people are they agree to be in close proximity to nuclear strike strategic target?

So I agree: Romanians wanted to join NATO and that was free choice. But it’s not choice of free nation, not really, not anymore. Freedom is, among other things independence, right? You are not completely independent nation now- You are member of PACT. And as a member you have obligation to listen what to do and where to do it. And in case that it is USA interest- You should to go to war to protect it, right? Sooo…Not free nation- member with rights and obligations. There is a difference.

BTW- We agree on communism issue. Worst thing that ever striked Serbian people. As USSR it is not existent any more. Russia is not communist USSR, Serbia is not Tito’s republic, Romania is not Ceausesescu dictatorship…Things are completely different in all this countries, there is no more Washaw pact… So what is function and meaning of NATO?



„You are close to Russias borders“- NOT „bordering Russia“, of course.


Banja Luka
I understood what Eureka has said, Google translate did well this time. :)
But. Comparing the Venezuela’s situation with the situation of Ro is a little bit too much. We agreed to be Nato members and the Nato forces have fully legal support in their presence in Ro.
In Venezuela the situation is far from being clear. I do not comment the russian presence there. It is not our business.
About the second aspect. As I said, we should respect each others sensibilities. So, we are very sensitive about the fact that our elite died in prisons and this was managed by our “eliberator“, “brotherly“ nation. I recommend you the Sighet memorial. You will surelly drop some tears.
We, romanians, do not see you as friends. We see you even closer. Some, many, say about you that you’re our brothers, so US-NATO-USSR relation has nothing to do with you from our point of view.
In a nuke war scenario, we are a target anyway. So a detterence system does not change the bigger picture. Not having it could be riskier.
Do not underestimate the intelligence of common people. They do understand very well the implications.
What I can tell you for sure is that Ro is safer than Ukraine, perhaps, and the independence does not guarranty the security of a nation. Never had.
Ussr is no more, as a international entity, but it’s shadow is still among us.
No nation is fully and completelly independent in our world. We all depend of each others in a way or another.
Peace is most valuable thing, but you will not keep the peace with an olive branch. Maybe in other, future, better times.
Independence. A nice word and a beautifull concept. Sadly, your independence has not served you well. We, neither.



You are right, independence and freedom is expensive commodity, sometimes to expensive to bear. Today Serbia isn’t free, one part of our land is claimed by another force, so that excludes independence also. I hope that things are going to change soon.

I hear You what You say about Russia, Ukraine or Venecuela. We see things very differently, aldo I respect Your point of view. Politics…This is very slippery and sensitive matter to discuss. It’s easy to offend your colloquist by accident thought. Thats why I will respectfully end mine on this subject.

I enjoy Your polite tone in your posts and endless informative off-topic subjects about Romania army and airforce equipment, so my friend no politics subjects in conversation with You. :)

Best regards!


Banja Luka
Dear friend,
The truth likes to test the backbone of a person and you have to be brave enough in order to face it.
The problem is, every country and, often, every person, has it’s own truth.
Let’s remember what approaches us as people and nations. This is the most important.
My presence here is given by the fact that I like this site and I want to share with you my thoughts. If I make mistakes sometimes, please forgive those mistakes. They are not on purpose.
Yes. Politics is something very relative and dangerous at one moment or another. Let’s not let us trap in it.
I really appreciate the dialogue with you. You are an honest and wise person.
Best regards.


Banja Luka
One more, last, thing.
The independence and freedom are two very distinct and different things.
The freedom of a child is not in it’s independence from his parents. On contrary, sometimes. So, independence of a country must not be achieved by the lack of freedom of it’s citisens.
We have been there..


Baš će Rumune da pitaju šta će biti instalirano i eventualno lansirano


About THAAD, but nit only..


Mozda je „off topic“. Glavna stavka dogovora ’89/90 je bila dozvola ujedinjenja dveju nemacke drzave, a za uzvrat NATO se nece siriti na istok(niti jedna nova clanica). Cak je Putin na samintu G20 2007. godine pomenuo kako je to obecano, na sta su mu odgovorili „to je obecano Sovjetskom Savezu, vi niste Sovjetski Savez“…Onda je usledila malo aktivnija spoljna politika Rusije pocevsi sa Gruzijom, pa sad Ukrajina, Sirija…a bice jos razume se.
Sto se THAAD-a tice, ako su glavni dogovor prekrsili, prakticno sve ostalo su sitnice. Da li ce postaviti ovaj ili onaj sistem u neku od NATO drzava, bojim se da ih niko ne moze spreciti za sada, a izgleda da nije nikog ni briga?
Na cijoj god da ste „strani“ i kakva god da su vam politicka ubedjenja, jedina je cinjenica da se politicari iz Vasingtona, posledicno i iz Moskve, direktno igraju sa zivotima svih nas u istocnoj Evropi, ni zbog cega, a ozbiljnost potencijalne situacije su naizgled svi zaboravili. Cak se i INF raspao…
Neki konstruktivni dogovor bi mnogo vise doprineo bezbednosti nego bilo koji „savez“ niti bilo kakav sistem naoruzanja. Kako sad stvari stoje, drzave kao da vode grupe posvadjane dece koje nista same medjusobno ne mogu da rese.


„Onda je usledila malo aktivnija spoljna politika Rusije pocevsi sa“
– Gruzijom (rat pa okupacija),
– pa sad Ukrajina (isto rat pa okupacija),
– Sirija (još nisu odlučili što napraviti).
Baš dobri primjeri spoljne politike.


@Medo s mora
Tako je kako je. Valjda ce sledeci put na nekoj istorijskoj prekretnici velike sile izabrati bolji nacin


@Medo s mora

Gruzija- Rat pa okupacija? Koga, čega? Ko je okupiran od strane koga, kada i gdje? Ko je 2008. godine pokrenuo rat? Rusija?


@Banja Luka
Ne vredi sad ulaziti u rasprave. Svako ima svoje vidjenje stvari, no nije ni bitno. Poenta je bila da je NATO obecao „nema ekspanzije“, uradio potpuno kontra, cak i napao suverenu zemlju u sred Evrope i okupirao deo teritorije bez razloga, iako nije bio nicim opravdan niti izazvan, a posle se ljute na akcije Rusije.
Koliko god da smo pristrasni u NATO vs Rusija debati, u ovoj prici Rusi su ne 100, nego milion posto u pravu.
Licemerje NATO-a i politicara tih zemalja se ne moze izmeriti. Do patoloskih granica ide, a nama svima je ugrozena bezbednost zbog njihovog bezobrazluka, pogotovo kad ovakve stvari rade.


Gosn Zivojine da niste pogresili kada je rec o dometu po visini? Napisali ste 150 km? Ja iskreno, ne znam podatak, ali ovo mi je cudno.

He is not wrong. THAAD is an endo and exo athmospheric interceptor. It covers the gap between the range of Pac-3 and Aegis.


Ako ste zainteresovani za balističke rakete i protivmere (rakete uopšte) toplo preporučujem da odgledate koju emisiju sa prof. dr Momčilom Milinovićem na YT-u.
Lično se nisam preterano interesovao za tu oblast, ali je čovek život posvetio tome i zaista ga je lepo slušati.


Jadne komsije. Kad zagusti prvo ce njih zbrisati sa zemljom.


Ako mislis na udar atomskom bombom onda su jadne i komsije Rumunije……


A nuke attack on Ro will, surely, not affect exclusively the Ro itself. Many more would have to suffer the consequences..
So, this hypothesis is not feasible.
Aegis adress, mainly, this kind of threats.


As the legend says, beware of the head of the Gorgon.. :)


When you look at declassified CIA/KGB cold war documents and cross examen them you’ll find Romania had a few NATO nuclear warheads aimed at it. I remember the city of Timisoara was a target and it felt so weird, because I visited the place not to long before finding out it could have potentially been obliterated in the not so distant past. All those people, buildings, life itself…
And now you have Russian nukes aimed at you potentially. 2 out of 2 it seems.
The only thing really protecting us all is common sense. A few anti-ballistic missile launchers can’t stop the rain storm of offensive weapons from both sides…..and I don’t like the idea of two nations „playing god“ on our land, but there’s nothing one can do about it.
Also the documents show Yugoslavia, Italy and Spain were the only bigger European nations without a single target on them….“food for thought“.


If you’ll look at the Cold war era documents, you’ll see that about all major cities in Europe were nuke targets. Did not count if those nations had or not nuclear capabilities of their own or on their soil.

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